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Surfing in Goa

For those who like to ride the waves, surfing in Goa offers an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Many beaches in Goa provide waves that are suitable for this activity. Try Mandram Beach for the best opportunities to surf.

Surf culture arrived in India quite late. Although India has a coastline of more than 7,000 kilometers, it remains to be explored in relation to surfing. The biggest advantage of India is that only a few surfers go there, so there are not many people on the line-up. Indian waves have always existed, but tourism has not developed in this way.

With the arrival of a couple of companies offering surfing lessons, as well as the emergence of earlier competitions, surfing has now become an activity that can be practiced during your free time in India.

This is not the northern coast of Hawaii, so don't expect huge waves. There are not too many rocks in India, which can be really attractive to beginners. The best time to surf in India is just before and after the monsoon season: April, May, October and November. If you are already an experienced surfer, you can surf the monsoon waves. The downside is that there is a shortage of lifeguards on the shores, so we always recommend you surf with someone by your side.

Surfing in Goa

Go to Goa in late May or early June and find waves that are between 5 feet and 10 feet high! Known as a land of adventure and magic, most beaches offer great conditions for learning to surf or improve your skills, as they slowly break right and left.

Thanks to its stunning beaches and hippie vibes, it is one of the best surf spots in India.

Its beaches are quiet and large with a few bars on the sand.

The area attracts many tourists, especially in the winter months. Join Goa Surf Center to learn how to catch some awesome waves at Marbela Beach, Morjim Beach, or Ashwem Beach!

There is nothing better than leaving the Buffer Surf Center Club to relax and enjoy the bohemian atmosphere of Goa, to listen to a concert in the company of musicians, yoga gurus and Bollywood celebrities.

Even if Goa does not have many secluded beaches, you do not need solitude for wind surfing. Beaches like Calangute Beach Goa, Colva Beach Goa, Palolem Beach Goa, Vagator Beach Goa, Baga Beach Goa, Dona Paula Beach Goa, Miramar Beach Goa and Bogmolo Beach Goa are considered enjoyable for surfing under the glorious sun. Blue and serene, these beach destinations have come as the ultimate choice in Aqua Sports Fun.

Surfing in Goa on a surf board has been a hot favorite among water sports lovers. In Goa, surfing is a major attraction for tourists. Calangute beach Goa, Colva beach Goa, Pololem beach Goa, Vagator beach Goa, Baga beach Goa, Dona Puala beach Goa, Miramar beach Goa and Bogamalo beach Goa Considered metallic spots for surfing under the glorious sun Go.

Blue and serene, these beach destinations have come as the most preferred option in Aqua Sports Fun.

To enjoy these sports, one must have patience and be carried out under expert guidance and even if one is a newcomer to these sports, the person will learn and learn the thrill of diving or para gliding.

One can get expert instruction to enjoy. Windsurfing has proved to be very popular and the almost endless array of coastal and inland waterways of Goa has given rise to many national windsurfing events.

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