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Best place to do surfing in Goa

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Goa is a land of many beaches, making it the perfect place to indulge in water sports. Surfing is one of the most popular water sports that has gained widespread popularity in recent years. Surfing involves the use of a surfboard to ride the ocean or ocean waves.

This thrilling activity not only feeds your need for an adrenaline rush, it also helps you relax and have fun in the fresh waters of Goa. If you want to experience this thrilling game then take part in this activity.

Our experts will give you information about safety and will give you instructions on how to use surfing boards. You can master the various techniques involved in surfing and have a fun-filled session. Make Goa holidays memorable by taking part in this enlightening and exhilarating activity.

Surfing has no meaning except in the minds of the people of the country. Information like "Where / when can I surf in India"? Still not readily available.

We have an answer for you, the professional Goa surf in Arambol Goa makes it possible from September to the end of April.

Based on the famous Goa surf on Arambol beach, they have all the equipment and expertise to ensure that what you need to do is get here and go surfing.

Best place to do surfing in Goa

Tourists come to Goa for many reasons, the most important one being the beach. There is a lot of adventure, sightseeing, and exploration in Goa.

It also boasts a magnificent history and heritage. For example, the churches in Goa are the oldest in India and many of them are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Then, there are spice plantations, which give tourists the "exotic" side of India that they are always eager to experience. Apart from these, many waterfalls, forts, and casinos also provide a wonderful honeymoon experience in Goa.

However, its beaches are different from the rest. Not only do they host the most happening parties in the city, but also they provide excellent waterfall opportunities. One of them is surfing. Riding the waves is as exciting as it gets and gives you an adrenaline rush that you crave for so much.

Surfing is gaining rapid popularity in Goa, and in many beaches in the state, tourists can witness this enjoyable sport. In this blog, we tell you the best surfing spots in Goa, the best time to enjoy surfing and other related information.

Where to enjoy surfing in Goa

Goa has many beaches where you can enjoy surfing. However, the most popular of these is Palolem Beach.

This paradise, also known as the beach, is quite shallow and, therefore, provides the best conditions for surfing. During winter, you should visit Paytm Beach to enjoy surfing using the longboard.

Warm water, coupled with waves that rise to about 3 feet in height, provides the best opportunities for surfing.

Surfing in semi-isolation can be enjoyed on Agonda Beach, also known as Silent Beach. However, during the monsoon, the waves can range from slight to strong. Surfing at Vagator Beach is really fun.

However, while doing this here you should watch out for sunken anchors and ropes. For a pleasant day at the beach with some fantastic surfing, visit Colva Beach. In Calangute Beach, you can try surfing if you have some experience with it, as rip currents are very strong.

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