Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum age?

We recommend a minimum age of 5 years old for a lesson. But, depending on the child’s ability, children ten years and under must have parental assistance in the water. Children 8 and under must do a private lesson.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Conditions at the Spit are generally very good for beginner lessons. However, if we feel that conditions may be too rough for our participants, we will reschedule for a different date or refund your money.

What do I need to bring?

On the beach you will only be needing swimmers and big desire to surf and have fun. We will provide rash shirt, sunscreen and of course … a surfboard.

Are our programs suitable for weak swimmers?

Yes they are! Our lessons are held in waist deep water. So your feet will be touching the sand at all times.

What to eat and drink before surfing:

Breakfast cereal, reduced fat milk and fruit; Porridge, reduced fat milk, fruit juice; Toasted muffins or crumpets, honey/jam/syrup; Toast with honey/jam/marmalade/vegemite, peanut butter; Low fat creamed rice, tinned fruit; Pasta topped with low fat tomato based sauce; Low fat cereal bar/muesli bar/sports bar, banana; Roll or sandwich with banana and honey; Fresh fruit salad, low fat yoghurt or low fat dairy dessert; Smoothie with reduced fat milk, low fat yoghurt, any fruit; Soy smoothies with soy drink, blended fruit

What to eat and drink during a three-hour surfing session:

1/2 liter of sports drink or water; 1 sports bar or 1.5 cereal bars or 1 sports gel pack 1 large banana + a table spoon of honey

What to eat and drink after surfing:

Sports drinks; Fruit juice and water; Banana sandwich fresh fruit, canned fruit; Sports bar Fruit smoothie (low-fat milk, banana, yoghurt); Liquid meal supplement; Breakfast cereal, milk and fruit sandwich or roll including meat/cheese/chicken in filling; Baked potato, baked beans, grated cheese

We know you have a lot of questions about learning to surf and we are happy to answer them all.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to our instructors. We hope this might help clear up any doubts you have about surf camp and our surf school.