Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Surf Confidently


Welcome to Goa Surf Center!

We are a international young team ready to teach and share our passion for surfing with you.

Beyond teaching Surfing professionally we also providing various services such as: professional Photo shoots, Dolphin trips, Fishing trips, Paragliding, Taxi Service and Tours to your desired destinations.

Our leaf surf instructor, Vincent, has  been a life guard for 6 years, He knows this part of the ocean as it is part of his home.


Vincent was first inspired by surfing since his teenager years. And he became ISA (International Surfing Association) Certificated Instructor since 2012.

We provide lessons for beginners and all levels, for children and adults, private and groups.

Hit us up on our contact page or drop by the school and let's start the fun.✌🏼